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Complete Guide to Using Zoom for Language Classes

Language Teachers need to equip themselves to the challenge of teaching online. How do we make the online class engaging, effective, and entertaining? In this section I will share my experience of using Zoom and introduce its key functions that will promote language learning in an online classroom.

Zoom: Basics

This video introduces the basic operation of Zoom for those who are new to this tool. Functions introduced include:

  • Create an Account

  • Open a Meeting

  • Schedule a Meeting

  • Recurring Meetings with One Permanent Link

  • Invite Participants

  • Manage Participants

  • Share Screen

  • Record a Meeting

Note: If your school has a universal subscription with Zoom (like my current institution BU), you might have to log in with a corporate account. Click here for instruction.

Zoom: Interactive

This video introduces more advanced features of Zoom for teachers who already know how to use it but want their language classes to be more interactive. Functions introduced include:

  • Live Annotation

  • Whiteboard

  • Play a Video

  • Breakout Room

  • Waiting Room

Zoom: Make It Cool

This video introduces more creative ways to use Zoom for teachers who have mastered the functions of Zoom and want to bring their class to the level of coolness. Functions introduced include:

  • Virtual Background

  • Zoom with external apps:
    Pear Deck/Nearpod

  • Have Students use Zoom Themselves

  • Touch-up Filter

Attendee Attention Tracking in Zoom
Zoom can monitor whether students are actively viewing Zoom ("in focus") during screen sharing or swaying between apps. Click here to see how to turn on attendee attention tracking. 
Caution: If you have students use external apps during Zoom meeting, it will also be considered not "in focus" in Zoom.

External Apps

These videos are tutorials to use the external apps mentioned in the video above: Zoom: Make It Cool. 

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